Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Season's Crop of Tops

Inspired by a lack of comments and a new found obsession with Polyvore and corset/bustier tops, I decided to do a follow up post and share more of my favorites with you.

Corset Inspired
1.Myla corset top, $305.00
2.Corset top, $40.00
3.TopShop corset top, $40.00
4.All Saints corset top, $120.00
5.Marc Jacobs crop top, $310.00
6.Corset top, $32.00
7.Preen tank top, $355.00
8.Mara Hoffman corset top, $260.00
9.Corset top, $318.00

Given crop tops are such a huge trend would you (have you) dared to bare your stomach this season?


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