Thursday, March 31, 2011


Don’t worry.  I haven’t lost my love of black.  Actually, I did try to go buy some clothes in shades other than black recently and ended up still buying black.  (However, I did buy one pair of rust/brown shorts so hey that counts right?)  I’ve come to the conclusion as much as I love to stand out, I also love to be comfortable and true to myself and wearing black fulfills both of these things for me.  So here’s to you fellow lovers of black garments!

Here are some of my favorite things in black right now:
Bitchin' Blouses
(Rory Beca Trapeze Blouse available @, $176.00)
Wicked Pleats
(BCBGMAXAZRIA Pleated Silk A-line Skirt available @, $128.00)
Lustful Lace
(Adia Kibur Black Lace Headband available @, $24.00)
Crazy Chiffon
(Lucca Couture Chiffon Scallop Short available @ Urban Outfitters $48.00)
Killer Kicks
(Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Suede Platform Sandal available @ Nordstrom, $265.00)

Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards one color? If so, what is it?


Friday, March 25, 2011

FBFF: How Do You Define Feminism?

"Feminism is a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing and defending equal political, economic, and social rights and equal opportunities for women.[1][2][3] Its concepts overlap with those of women's rights. Feminism is mainly focused on women's issues, but because feminism seeks gender equality, some feminists argue that men's liberation is therefore a necessary part of feminism, and that men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles. Feminists—that is, persons practicing feminism—can be persons of either sex" -

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume most of you needed that definition as much as I did.  I thought I knew the basic idea of being a "feminist" but never thought too far into it. 

This week's questions centered around fashion and feminism drove me to look further into what the word means and past my preconceived notions about what being a feminist is.

1. Do you think there is an incompatibility between feminism and a love for fashion? Not in my mind.  Being fashionable doesn't always equate to being "pretty" or dolling yourself up which is where some people may equate the two as incompatible.  Being fashionable means being well-dressed or putting yourself together in a certain way that is an expression of yourself.

2. There is more to each of us than a love for fashion, how do you incorporate every aspect of yourself into your blog? I write from my heart.  Personal tid-bits sneak into my blog and I may reference things that are going on in my life.  I always blog about what I like and what I'm into.  I guess my entire blog is an aspect of myself.

3. With the fashion industry still being a male-dominated profession,how do you think it would differ if women played a larger role? I don't think it would differ.  Women dominate very important roles in fashion right now - they are Editors In Chiefs of many HUGE magazines, powerhouse PR reps, Hollywood stylists, etc.  I stand by the phrase, "behind every powerful man is an even more powerful woman" (even if you don't see her.)

4. How is your self-image and the way you carry yourself informed by your beliefs? Yes.  I think this is true for everyone.  Not many what your self-image may be, it is formed by past experiences, how you were raised and your beliefs.  Various aspects of my self-image came together from different places.  I think a lot of it comes from my mother.  She is a go-getter and has a great work ethic.  She also has some other traits that I also had (that weren't as positive) that I've had to figure out ways to solve on my own.  She installed a good foundation (of examples, morals, beliefs)I've built on basically.

5. Do you think clothing/makeup/hair helps communicate the truth about yourself or are those things superfluous add-ons? For some women things like make-up and hair and the way they dress are 100% percent superfluous add-ons.  For me, the way I dress is an expression of myself and who I am.  Sometimes I wish I came off a little "sexier" or more feminine but trying to do so wouldn't be true to myself.

What are your thoughts on feminism?  How would you define feminism in your life?


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Peachy Keen

I haven’t seen a lot of it in stores yet but one of my favorite colors this spring is peach.  This light-pinkish-orange tone looks great with denim, navy, black or tans.

Here are some of my favorite peach items for spring:

Retro Sunnies

(Peach Small Flat Top Sunglasses available @ TopShop, $32.00)

Cozy Sweaters

(Vintage Peach Cable Knit Sweater available @ American Apparel, $68.00)

Shiny Belts

(Pin-slim Patent Belt available @ J. Crew, $29.50)

Versatile Shorts

(Belted Soft Shorts available @, $62.76.)

Menswear Inspired Timepieces

(Invicta Women’s 0462 Angel Collection Stainless Steel Watch available @, $69.99)

What are your favorite colors this spring? 


Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Rock A Good Color-Block

So I know what you’re thinking – “What’s wrong with you, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and you did an entire post on the WRONG color.”  I know, I know, today is supposed to be about green and leprechauns and beer and while I appreciate all three, today’s post color will be BLUE; one of my favorite shades to pull off color blocking.

Having trouble getting started?  Find a key piece that inspires you.  For me, it's the Fendi Belt!

Build around your key piece.  This top is great because it can be worn many ways and is under $30.00!

(291 Aqua Jersey Scoop Neck Double Strap Tank available @, $24.99)

This belt is what my Fendi filled dreams are made of.

(Fendi Grossgrain Leather Belt available @, $319.00)

Now add a great bottom..

(Jil Sander 3/4 Length Skirt available @, $195.00)

Accessorize with a simple bag that ties into your key piece.

(Jalda Lizard Embossed Brief Clutch available @, $240.00)

And top it off with a FABULOUS pair of shoes.

(Giuseppe Zanotti Black Strappy Suede Crystal Detailed Booties available @, $1,088.00)

Now you're ready to go! Are you brave enough to try this trend?


Monday, March 14, 2011

Mid-day Cravings

If you're a fellow East-coaster, you probably know how I'm feeling right now - you're sick of layering, sick of wearing tights and dying to wear shorts and skirts and dresses.  This time of year always puts me in a mild rut where I don't want to buy anything other than summer clothing but it's still too cold to wear any of it.  So, for about the next month and a half, I contemplate buying new spring clothing because I no longer want to wear winter clothing but I'm not really into the spring clothing available either.

After many blogless weeks, I stumbled across these pieces which satisfy exactly what I'm craving right now.

Girlie Dresses

(D&G Floral-Print Linen Dress available @, $535.00)

Purple Suede

(Brian Atwood Platform Sandals available @, $480.00)

Pastel Polish

(Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Yellow Kitty available @ Ulta, $7.99)

Lace Knitted Tops

(White Broderie Lace Trim Vest available @ Topshop, $55.00)

Scalloped Shorts

(Blue Scallop Hem Shorts available @ Topshop, $70.00)

These items are too sweet not to crave!  What are some of your favorite spring pieces?  How do you transition in between seasons without blowing your entire paycheck?


Friday, March 4, 2011

FBFF: Makeup To Breakup

Hello Dear Reader,

I'm sorry I've been absent lately and have left you hanging.  This is not something I have done intentionally but due to unexpected family issues, I have been out of town and away from my computer. 

I've missed you and missed posting, so today kicks off getting back on track, back to normalcy.

As you know, I love my Fashion Beauty Friend Friday group and weekly questions so I figured this would be a great way to get back to the grind.  Every girl (even the Tomboys) have gone through love hate relationships with their beauty products, makeup routine and quite possibly, their entire look.

This week's questions focus on what works and what doesn't in your personal realm of beauty and fashion.

FBFF: Beauty products

1. What's your favorite drug store makeup product and your favorite higher-end product?  This is a tough one.  I am constantly buying and trying new makeup.  I definitely don't buy one product based on brand.  Currently my favorite drugstore product is Wet-N-Wild mascara in black. (Highly recommend.) My favorite mid-range product is MAC lipstick and my favorite higher-end product is Chanel lipstick.  (Clearly, I have a lipstick issue.)

2. Is there one type of product that is your go-to, can't live without? LIPSTICK.  I don't wear it much during the day but if I'm going out, its a MUST-have.  During the day I can't survive without mascara.

3. What's the best hair product you've ever used?  This one is easy. Fredrick Fekkai Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner.  It's worth every cent.

4. Fess up, what's the worst beauty look you've tried to rock and look back at now with a little shame or apprehension that you actually did that? (If you could see the cringe face I just made while reading this question...)There are probably a lot.  I've always tried some trends other people might have been to afraid to (for good reasons.) Let's just say that I've worn some netted shirts (which might be making a come back but I think I'll pass,) tied leather string around my neck like a choker, worn some seriously bizarre get the picture.

5. When it comes to beauty products, we all use the same basic products. What do you use that helps show off your personal flare and personality? I am not afraid to rock a bold lip color.

If you're like me, you've more than likely experimented and had some fashion moments you'd like to forget ever happened (or burn proof that they did at least.) 

Care to share?