Friday, July 15, 2011

FBFF: Labeling

Whether we want to or not, it's easy to get caught up in labels.  Whether it's the label on the clothes you are wearing (or not wearing) or the label society sticks on a group of people, everyone has been concerned with labeling at some point in their lives (whether you want to admit it or not.)

1. As a someone who writes/blogs about fashion, have you placed yourself into some sort of blogging category? I didn't know there were categories?

2. What keeps you from or encourages you to label yourself as a
certain kind of blogger?
Hmmm well, I don't think I label myself as a certain "type" of blogger really.

3. When picking blogs to read and follow are you drawn to ones that indicate a certain group or way of thinking/being? Totally. I mean who wouldn't?  Blog reading should be fun and for me fun entails enjoying what I am reading and I enjoy reading blogs that have similar style and writing to my own.  A blog is like a friend.  Most of my friends have something in common with myself and the blogs I enjoy the most do as well.

4. Do you think there are benefits in labeling yourself or others? I think labeling is okay if you do it in a positive way and don't label other's in a negative way.  For example, I'd like to label myself as a hard worker, good wife, and someone with a good sense of fashion.  However, it's not up to me to label other people.  That's something you should do for yourself.  If you want.

5. Agree or Disagree - We're all just people; we don't need all the labels. Well I agree.  People shouldn't be labeled but people do label people and even if it is subconsciously.  Society makes us this way - we see it in magazines "What's Hot, What's Not." We see it as we grow up - clubs and groups have names as this separates people from each other by giving them a label.  That's just how it is.

What about you?  Do you find yourself caring about labels? Or do you embrace everyone's differences?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FALLing In Love

…with shades of brown.

NET-A-PORTER always gets me with their “What’s New For You” emails.  They are filled with amazing fashion from my favorite designers and always help put a smile on my face for the day.

Like most stores, NET-A-PORTER has begun to stock fall fashions even summer is still in full swing.  I don’t mind though.  By mid-summer my mind begins to wander, I am no longer interested in buying clothes for the hot weather (nor do the stores have any good options by this time) and I start to day dream about what would make a good outfit for NYFW.

This season, I’m being drawn towards shades of brown and I have a feeling I won’t be the only one…

Here are some of my favorite pieces from NET-A-PORTER:

(T by Alexander Wang Silk Crepe de Chine Shirt, $190.00)

(Diane Von Furstenberg Yokoe Leather Knee Boots, $495.00)

(Tomas Maier Cashmere Wrap, $2,080.00)

(Christian Louboutin Dancing Queen Calf Hair Box Clutch, $1,095.00)

(3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Skirt, $695.00)

(Jimmy Choo Folly suede and snakeskin wedge sandals, $795.00)

What do you think?  Will you fall for this trend?


Friday, July 1, 2011

July Forthcomings

So once again I’ve neglected posting this week but this time for a good cause.  I’ve been working on my guest post for which consists of creating four different outfits styled around one shoe.  It’s been fun and I cannot wait until it is featured (sometime this month!)

So before the holiday weekend begins, I wanted to leave you guys with an inspirational post on some great pieces to wear this weekend (and every other weekend this summer!)

These are a few of my favorite things (in clich├ęd red, white and blue because I’m feeling patriotic – don’t judge me!)

July Forthcomings

7.  Illustrated People cropped shirt, $40
5.  Cacharel cotton shorts, £84
9.  Platform heels, £120
8.  Prada handbag, £170
4.  Repossi tribal bracelet, €200
2.  Stud earrings, £40
3.  Alexander McQueen sheer scarve, $595
1.  Rag Bone fedora hat, $125

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!  I cannot wait to hit the pool with a margarita and a good book.