Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Favorite Outfits for Under $100

It's that time of week again and while this post has taken longer than usual (I'll blame the lack of brain cells I have by the end of the work week,) I've come up with another outfit for under $100 just in time for the weekend. 

While most of you will be wearing something slightly more avant garde this year, I'll be sticking to regular garb and enjoying some nice dinners out with my other half.

It's not like I don't love Halloween, I do - but it takes me weeks to plan the perfect costume.  Very similar to how I plan the perfect outfit for a special occasion (or any occasion really)...lots of online stalking, careful plotting and ordering.  It might tend to teeter on O.C.D. (which I've already admitted I might have slight tendencies) but the end result is nothing short of phenomenal.

I'd prefer to not go out any other way.

Here's my favorite outfit for under $100 this week.

(Sheer Chiffon Dress w/Belt available @ Forever21, $29.80)

(SM New York Women's Chloe Clog available @ Sears, $21.99)

 (Vintage Monet Sleek Ribbon Hinged Cuff by Oneofakindwisconsin available @, $5)

(Vintage Goldtone Multi Bangle Bracelet Set by VonlenskaVintage available @, $9)

(Floral Engraved Earrings available at Forever21, $1.50)

(Bohemian Embossed Rose Clutch available @ Forever21, $19.80)

While I love name brand designers, when I'm on a mission for the perfect look I'll shop anywhere to find exactly what I'm looking for.  More and more often I'm turning to stores like Forever21 to find trendy pieces at an affordable price.

What's great about these pieces are that they will last more than just the weekend.  Throw everything together for a great bohemian look or throw in some of your favorite items for your own twist.

Total Outfit Cost: $87.90.

You're welcome, that's $12.10 you have left over for another drink.

Until Monday,


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've been feeling rather uninspired this week. I'd like to blame the weather.  Like most of the United States, its been rainy and muggy - making it almost impossible to feel awake or look put together.  In my ever continuing search for the perfect trousers (the ones I ordered from Urban Outfitters are gorgeous but a little snug) I pulled up this morning to see if I could find a similar pair in a similar price range.

While I didn't find the perfect pair of trousers, I did find inspiration in some other things I'm adding to my wish list for once I conquer my quest of the trousers.  I narrowed the list down to 5 items that incorporate huge trends right now.

Leopard Print



Faux Fur

Lace Up Boots

If you haven't checked out yet, you should.  Based in the United Kingdom, Asos has recently launched a U.S. version of the site.  Not like ordering from the site before was hard - has always had quick shipping, fantastic customer service and usually has deals for free shipping both ways. 

How could you not love a site like that?


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to Wear? Stuck In A Weekday Rut

Most of us dread the beginning of the week, the loss of the weekend, the start to another long 5 days of slaving away in an office.  Somehow, getting up and getting ready always seems a little easier when I have something great to wear.  While I am constantly searching for pieces that are trendy and versatile, the following pieces remain in my closet year after year and make putting together any outfit much easier.  (Especially when it's 5 a.m.)

Here are my favorite essentials:

1. A Basic Black Pump

No frills, no patent, no peep.  A classic pump goes a long way and can be thrown on with almost anything.  It's never inappropriate or out of style.

(Jimmy Choo Lilac Point Toe Pumps available @ Saks Fifth Avenue, $495)

2. A Crisp White Button Down

Wear it alone, wear it belted.  Wear it with pants, skirts, jeans, as a jacket or a cover up.  Just don't let it turn yellow.  When it does, it's time to buy a new one!

(Ann Taylor Loft Button Down Blouse available @, $39.50)

3. Classic Black Pants

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a HUGE advocate of the color black (or the absence of color, I get it.)  A black pant is a perfect weekday essential because it matches so much.  Not that I'd recommend it but some people can even match navy and black.  Make sure the pants are tailored to your body and make sure they fit just right!

(Prada Gabardine Black Flared Trousers available @,$316) 

4. The Perfect Cardigan

While I have several cardigans in several different colors, my absolute favorite cardigan is a mustard yellow one that I got for under $30 from NY & Co. over 3 years ago.  I wear this cardigan almost once a week (gasp!) with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, belted and unbelted through fall, winter, spring and summer.  Since they no longer sell my beloved mustard cardigan, I choose this one since it's gray and cashmere - 2 things I love! (Plus I'm pretty sure this would become my favorite if it were in my closet.)

(Autumn Cashmere Ron Herman Cashmere Baby Cardigan Sweater available @, $276)

5. A Simple Black Pencil Skirt

These can be found in almost any price range.  Make sure to look for one that's a cotton polyester blend - it will be more flattering and they tend to appear classier and more structured.  Try to stay away from 100% knit or 100% cotton skirts.  They can appear too clingy and sexy - definitely not a good a look if you're trying to appear professional!


(Ingenuity Pencil Skirt available @ Nordstrom, $86)

6. A Great Belt

While I prefer a simple skinny belt since it can be worn around your waist or around your hips, it's okay to invest in a great mid size belt too - just remember the thicker they are, the harder they are to wear any place but your waist!  My favorite belt is one with a little texture.  Something as simple as a snakeskin print adds style and pizazz (yes, I said pizazz)to even the most simple of outfits.

(Bruno Magli Belt available @, $109)

Worn together or separately, these pieces are perfect staples to invest in - so classic they are guaranteed to never go out of style.  Spending a little more to insure a quality item (98% of the time) means you can spend less on the trendier ones and still look up-to-date yet polished when you mix and match. 

What would you consider to be your favorite weekday wardrobe must-haves?


Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Outfits for Under $100

Just in time for weekend inspiration, I’ve decided to start a regular post on my favorite outfits for under $100.  This isn’t always easy but with so many online shopping search sites like, and just to name a few, looking for specific things in a specific price range has gotten MUCH easier.  Most of the time if you try hard enough (or know how to use Google) you can find free shipping and discount codes to be used on many online retailers.  (I haven’t paid for shipping in months!) 

It’s not always easy to fit running to a mall into your everyday schedule.  I love online shopping bc frankly, I can do it anywhere and not interrupt my regular schedule.  (I HATE breaking routine.) (Slightly OCD, maybe.)  Another bonus – there are so many online retailers you’ll never be left feeling generic!  98% of the time, this is my preferred way to find the perfect pieces for my weekend ensembles.

Here is this week’s favorite outfit for under $100.00.

I think we already know that I’m slightly obsessed with lace up booties this season.  Paired with a slightly slouchy ankle sock, this is a great look to rock before it gets too cold!

(Oxford Shoe available @ Alloy, $32.90)

I’m really into vintage shopping.  (Lately I’ve been discovering some great online vintage sites, easier than thrifting.) It’s a guaranteed way to not look like the person standing next to you.  One of my biggest pet peeves is noticing someone in the same thing as me.  Vintage is almost a sure fire way to NOT have this happen. 

(Vintage Navy Leopard Mini Dress available @, $49)


These ankle socks are a great buy bc they come with a black pair and a cream colored pair.  Personally, I’d wear the cream ones with this outfit but the black ones are great to have for anything else! (I’ll be incorporating them into another favorite outfit for under $100.)

(Ankle Sock Duo available @ Charlotte Russe, $7.50) has slowly become one of my favorite websites to browse.  Known for featuring homemade versions of almost anything you can think up, Etsy is a great place to find original pieces and not break the bank.  (I mean how great is this vintage clutch? ONLY $8!! $8!!)

(Fall Brown Vintage Clutch by Post BedlamVintage available @, $8)

Total outfit cost - $97.40


What are some of your favorite tips for putting together a stylish yet affordable outfit?


Until Monday,



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take A Hike!

I love the idea of these heeled "hiking" boots.  I'd also love to see someone actually hiking a mountain in any of these but unless you are extremely brave (or extremely ignorant) these boots would look much better paired with a flannel shirt and scarf than paired with a mountain trail.

Here are a few of my favorite hiking inspired boots this season.

This first pair is affordable and cute(and also available in black!)  I'm a HUGE fan of the faux sheepskin fold down - I'm buying this pair to wear with dark denim skinnies and a boyfriend flannel.

(Lace Up Shearling Bootie available @ Charlotte Russe, $30)

This pair is the perfect shade of brown.  The double ankle straps help to accentuate any ankle (in a positive way, I promise)and would look perfect with a cozy sweater dress.

(Dolce Vita Women's Joelle Boot available @, $219)

In my opinion, Diane Von Furstenburg can do no wrong.  DVF is known for updated versions of classic styles and these boots are no different.  (Think heeled moccasin.) Trendy but worth the investment, this pair could be worn for years to come due to its simplicity.

(Diane Von Furstenburg Jameson Hiking Booties available @, $395)

These Elizabeth and James booties are also worth investing in.  On trend for more than one reason (they're suede, platformed, a bootie, have laces and feature a neutral color)they'll fit in for seasons to come.

(Elizabeth and James Moxie Suede Hiking Booties available @, $395)

Under $30, these boots are another great buy this season.  Can be passed off as a hiking, grunge or military inspired boot - all HUGE trends right now.

(Workman Lace Up Bootie available at Forever21, $27.90)

Topshop is known for selling affordable yet on-trend items and these boots are no different.  These won't break the bank and are a great alternative to wearing heels this winter.  (Guaranteed to keep your feet warmer too!  Hopefully.)

(Arella2 Heeled Hiking Boots available @ Topshop, $190)

Embarrassingly enough, I love this next pair of boots because they remind me of 2 shoes I (shamelessly) owned and loved growing up. Penny Loafers and Timberland boots.  Enough said.

(Tory Burch Howard Wedge Hiking Boots available @, $395)

I love this next pair.  They remind me of the snow boots I threw into the backseat of my car last winter for emergency purposes.  Granted, the ones in my backseat - yes, they are still in my backseat - don't have a heel but if I owned these at the time I might've tried to wear them in the snow (especially after all wine we drank to stay warm.)

(Nine West Shoes Joss Booties available @ Macy's, $190)

Even though this last pair is the most expensive, (I have champagne taste remember,) they are one of my favorite heeled boots this season.  I think its because something about them screams "I can kick your ass!  Wear me hiking up a mountain or to war, I'll keep your feet warm too!"

(Rag & Bone Mallory Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots available @, $815)

In all, it's worth investing in at least one pair of heeled hiking boots this season.  No one wants to wear pumps or riding boots all winter and take note - Uggs don't dress up well (so please stop trying people.) 


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Urban Turban

While the turban has been popping up all over SS2011 runways, it was noticed and worn before it was styled onto some model's head this past fashion week.  Both Prada and Marie Claire made light of the turban in 2007 and long before, movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Gloria Swanson were wearing them in the 1950's.  (Vogue also styled a cover model in one in 1953.) 

Recently, celebrities such as Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, Solange Knowles and Selma Hayek have all been spotted wearing turbans. 

Personally, I can't wait to try out an afforable version of the turban.  While this look might get stares from the less fashionable, I'll try anything once!  (Maybe I'll throw one on with some huge jeweled earrings and a silk robe and roam around my house holding a bottle of wine pretending I'm a recluse movie star.  Who knows.)

Here are some of my favorite turbans I've spotted for sale.

This turban would look fantastic paired with classic red lipstick.  Add a sleeveless black dress and some heeled booties for a modern twist.

I absolutely adore this Parisian chic turban.  I'd love to wear this with rolled trousers (Remember:I'm obsessed with trousers this season, I want to wear the with EVERYTHING.)and a tank (and caged heels of course) for a night out.  Plus, the price tag on this turban is SUPER affordable!  It also comes in navy and white for a more basic look.

(GLAMOROUS BLACK & GOLD TURBAN HAT HEAD COVER SUN CAP by Luxury Divas available @, $17.99)  

This turban is the perfect way to add the leopard trend into your wardrobe.  It's not as brazen as the full headed turban and could be rocked with skinny jeans or leggings and flats.  (The powers that be tell me this one might be seen on my head in the future...)

(Brandi Leopard Print Turban Headband available @, $26)

This last turban is probably the most basic, traditional style turban I've seen and also the most expensive.  While I don't think that many people will be spending money on a trend that could have you confused as a fortune teller or a Middle Easterner, I appreciate the ruching and fabric in this turban.  It would make for a great editorial piece.

(Carin Wester Marrekesh Turban available @ Urban Outfitters, $78)

What are your thoughts on the "Urban Turban"?  Would you be brave enough to wear one?


(REVERSIBLE FASHION TURBAN by TWC available at the, $25)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SweataWeatha, This Season's Cropped Sweaters...

I originally thought I was going to post about something else today but as I sat here in my office thinking to myself, "Damn, it's cold, I really need to buy some more winter clothes," I pondered what kind of winter clothes? What do I wish I were wearing right now?  What is warm and snuggly, yet stylish enough to wear out of the house? (Note: it's FREEZING in here today.)

My answer.  A cropped sweater.

I haven't seen too many of these yet this season.  We all saw the return of the cropped tee this summer.  (Something most people weren't/aren't brave enough to wear unless you are a Victoria's Secret model and have abs of steel.  I wish.) 

The cropped sweater is a little different though.  Layering is always an option for those afraid to show skin (think a nice fitted tank underneath)but my favorite thing to wear with cropped sweaters this fall/winter is a good high-waisted, pleated trouser. (New Obsession.)

While most of these are WAY out of my price range (unless I stumble into some serious cash flow over the next fews months, I'll have to keep searching for the cheaper versions of some of my favorite designer pieces.

This is my absolute FAVORITE cropped sweater of the season.  It is also the most expensive.  (My mother always said I had champagne taste on a beer budget.  Although I'm past the cheep beer stage in life, I'm still not at Dom Perignon.)

(Proenza Schouler Cropped wool-blend sweater available @, $2,050)

In my opinion, Alexander Wang never fails in making classic pieces that can be worn for years and are appropriate both day and night.  This sweater would look fantastic with over the knee boots and jeans or with a sparkly mini skirt and heels for a night out.  If you're looking to invest in one cropped sweater this season.  This one is my MUST-have due to its classic versatility.

 (Alexander Wang Cotton-knit Cropped Sweater available @, $375)

I would love to wear this sweater with rolled up, pleated trouser pants and booties on a cold winter day.  Perfect for relaxed days spent sipping Egg Nog or Irish Coffee with friends.  (Insert fireplace or ski lodge.)

 (BAMFORD Cable-knit Cashmere Sweater available @, $795)

Not quite as exorbitantly priced as some of the other cropped sweaters I’ve seen, this is a great cropped sweater for dressing up or down.  This sweater is slightly more modest than the others as well - and would look great with jeans, leggings or trousers.


(BCBGMAXAZRIA cropped cashmere sweater available @ BCBGMAXAZRIA, $238)

I like this sweater because it screams "SNUGGLY!"  While some of the other sweaters are more fashion forward than they are warm, this sweater would keep all your limbs covered no matter the weather.  (Plus it's the only cropped sweater I've seen that is navy and would look fantastic with a pair of this season's camel colored pants.)

(Eryn Brinie Turtleneck available @, $46)

This last cropped sweater is super affordable AND cute.  I especially love it because it has similar colors to the Proenza Schouler one I'm obsessing over.  (Although I wish it had more of a pattern!)

(RD Style Striped Cropped Sweater available @ Dillards, $59) 

As a huge fan of warm weather and hot summer days, the thought that fall and winter have barely begun gives me a serious case of the chills.  At least I know there is some good cold weather fashion out there this season and I'll be sitting here dreaming of it (and tropical vacation destinations.)


Friday, October 8, 2010

The Color Black

One of my all time favorite colors to wear is black.  Some might say always wearing or owning so much black is morbid or boring but done the right way black is anything but!  Black remains a perfect choice for a formal event, office meeting, or night out.  Just pair it with the right accessories to make it appropriate for each occasion.  Here are a few of my favorite black things this month...

The Tuxedo Blazer.  I'm a HUGE fan of classic pieces that can be worn more than once season.  For a new twist on an old classic, go with this season's favorite fabric - jersey.  I love this blazer because it can be worn over a dress, with any type of pant and can be dressed up or down.

(Ian Matte Jersey Tuxedo Blazer available at Bloomingdales, $585)

The Bootie.  Not only is this a great bootie, it captures so many of this seasons MUST have elements. 1.) It's suede. 2.) It's a wedge. 3.) It's a bootie.  Booties have been around several seasons now and their everlasting presence have shown us something they are 100% worth investing in.

(D & G Dolce & Gabbana Wedge Bootie available on, $615)

High-waisted Leggings.  Boring plain black leggings have been way over done.  This season, its fun to switch up the plain leggings and go with something a little different.  I love the high-waited legging because even if your legs aren't super long, everyone will think they are!

(Tall High-Waisted Leggings from Topshop USA, $40)

Trouser Pants.  I want trouser pants in more colors than just black.  Black is a good color to purchase your first pair in because they will go with everything.  This 90's revival can be worn with flats and a hat for a Heburn-esq feel or with heels and a blazer for a night out or in the office.
(3.1 Philip Lim Drapered Trousers available at, $487)

The Structured Bag.  Move over slouchy hobo bags and insert structured tote like bags.  A good structured bag will last for many years and is perfect for work, happy hour or a night out with friends.  This season it is ALL about lines, fit, and structure!

(Fendi Structured Leather Tote available at, $1,677)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Starting off...

I've been thinking about starting about blog about fashion and my latest obsessions for a while now.  I'd like to think of it as a place where people can volunteer to go see where I like instead of my friends being email attacked throughout the day forcing them to look at my latest MUST-haves.