Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Urban Turban

While the turban has been popping up all over SS2011 runways, it was noticed and worn before it was styled onto some model's head this past fashion week.  Both Prada and Marie Claire made light of the turban in 2007 and long before, movie stars such as Elizabeth Taylor and Gloria Swanson were wearing them in the 1950's.  (Vogue also styled a cover model in one in 1953.) 

Recently, celebrities such as Ashley Olsen, Kate Moss, Solange Knowles and Selma Hayek have all been spotted wearing turbans. 

Personally, I can't wait to try out an afforable version of the turban.  While this look might get stares from the less fashionable, I'll try anything once!  (Maybe I'll throw one on with some huge jeweled earrings and a silk robe and roam around my house holding a bottle of wine pretending I'm a recluse movie star.  Who knows.)

Here are some of my favorite turbans I've spotted for sale.

This turban would look fantastic paired with classic red lipstick.  Add a sleeveless black dress and some heeled booties for a modern twist.

I absolutely adore this Parisian chic turban.  I'd love to wear this with rolled trousers (Remember:I'm obsessed with trousers this season, I want to wear the with EVERYTHING.)and a tank (and caged heels of course) for a night out.  Plus, the price tag on this turban is SUPER affordable!  It also comes in navy and white for a more basic look.

(GLAMOROUS BLACK & GOLD TURBAN HAT HEAD COVER SUN CAP by Luxury Divas available @, $17.99)  

This turban is the perfect way to add the leopard trend into your wardrobe.  It's not as brazen as the full headed turban and could be rocked with skinny jeans or leggings and flats.  (The powers that be tell me this one might be seen on my head in the future...)

(Brandi Leopard Print Turban Headband available @, $26)

This last turban is probably the most basic, traditional style turban I've seen and also the most expensive.  While I don't think that many people will be spending money on a trend that could have you confused as a fortune teller or a Middle Easterner, I appreciate the ruching and fabric in this turban.  It would make for a great editorial piece.

(Carin Wester Marrekesh Turban available @ Urban Outfitters, $78)

What are your thoughts on the "Urban Turban"?  Would you be brave enough to wear one?


(REVERSIBLE FASHION TURBAN by TWC available at the, $25)

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