Friday, October 22, 2010

My Favorite Outfits for Under $100

Just in time for weekend inspiration, I’ve decided to start a regular post on my favorite outfits for under $100.  This isn’t always easy but with so many online shopping search sites like, and just to name a few, looking for specific things in a specific price range has gotten MUCH easier.  Most of the time if you try hard enough (or know how to use Google) you can find free shipping and discount codes to be used on many online retailers.  (I haven’t paid for shipping in months!) 

It’s not always easy to fit running to a mall into your everyday schedule.  I love online shopping bc frankly, I can do it anywhere and not interrupt my regular schedule.  (I HATE breaking routine.) (Slightly OCD, maybe.)  Another bonus – there are so many online retailers you’ll never be left feeling generic!  98% of the time, this is my preferred way to find the perfect pieces for my weekend ensembles.

Here is this week’s favorite outfit for under $100.00.

I think we already know that I’m slightly obsessed with lace up booties this season.  Paired with a slightly slouchy ankle sock, this is a great look to rock before it gets too cold!

(Oxford Shoe available @ Alloy, $32.90)

I’m really into vintage shopping.  (Lately I’ve been discovering some great online vintage sites, easier than thrifting.) It’s a guaranteed way to not look like the person standing next to you.  One of my biggest pet peeves is noticing someone in the same thing as me.  Vintage is almost a sure fire way to NOT have this happen. 

(Vintage Navy Leopard Mini Dress available @, $49)


These ankle socks are a great buy bc they come with a black pair and a cream colored pair.  Personally, I’d wear the cream ones with this outfit but the black ones are great to have for anything else! (I’ll be incorporating them into another favorite outfit for under $100.)

(Ankle Sock Duo available @ Charlotte Russe, $7.50) has slowly become one of my favorite websites to browse.  Known for featuring homemade versions of almost anything you can think up, Etsy is a great place to find original pieces and not break the bank.  (I mean how great is this vintage clutch? ONLY $8!! $8!!)

(Fall Brown Vintage Clutch by Post BedlamVintage available @, $8)

Total outfit cost - $97.40


What are some of your favorite tips for putting together a stylish yet affordable outfit?


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