Friday, October 8, 2010

The Color Black

One of my all time favorite colors to wear is black.  Some might say always wearing or owning so much black is morbid or boring but done the right way black is anything but!  Black remains a perfect choice for a formal event, office meeting, or night out.  Just pair it with the right accessories to make it appropriate for each occasion.  Here are a few of my favorite black things this month...

The Tuxedo Blazer.  I'm a HUGE fan of classic pieces that can be worn more than once season.  For a new twist on an old classic, go with this season's favorite fabric - jersey.  I love this blazer because it can be worn over a dress, with any type of pant and can be dressed up or down.

(Ian Matte Jersey Tuxedo Blazer available at Bloomingdales, $585)

The Bootie.  Not only is this a great bootie, it captures so many of this seasons MUST have elements. 1.) It's suede. 2.) It's a wedge. 3.) It's a bootie.  Booties have been around several seasons now and their everlasting presence have shown us something they are 100% worth investing in.

(D & G Dolce & Gabbana Wedge Bootie available on, $615)

High-waisted Leggings.  Boring plain black leggings have been way over done.  This season, its fun to switch up the plain leggings and go with something a little different.  I love the high-waited legging because even if your legs aren't super long, everyone will think they are!

(Tall High-Waisted Leggings from Topshop USA, $40)

Trouser Pants.  I want trouser pants in more colors than just black.  Black is a good color to purchase your first pair in because they will go with everything.  This 90's revival can be worn with flats and a hat for a Heburn-esq feel or with heels and a blazer for a night out or in the office.
(3.1 Philip Lim Drapered Trousers available at, $487)

The Structured Bag.  Move over slouchy hobo bags and insert structured tote like bags.  A good structured bag will last for many years and is perfect for work, happy hour or a night out with friends.  This season it is ALL about lines, fit, and structure!

(Fendi Structured Leather Tote available at, $1,677)


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