Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What to Wear? Stuck In A Weekday Rut

Most of us dread the beginning of the week, the loss of the weekend, the start to another long 5 days of slaving away in an office.  Somehow, getting up and getting ready always seems a little easier when I have something great to wear.  While I am constantly searching for pieces that are trendy and versatile, the following pieces remain in my closet year after year and make putting together any outfit much easier.  (Especially when it's 5 a.m.)

Here are my favorite essentials:

1. A Basic Black Pump

No frills, no patent, no peep.  A classic pump goes a long way and can be thrown on with almost anything.  It's never inappropriate or out of style.

(Jimmy Choo Lilac Point Toe Pumps available @ Saks Fifth Avenue, $495)

2. A Crisp White Button Down

Wear it alone, wear it belted.  Wear it with pants, skirts, jeans, as a jacket or a cover up.  Just don't let it turn yellow.  When it does, it's time to buy a new one!

(Ann Taylor Loft Button Down Blouse available @ Anntaylorloft.com, $39.50)

3. Classic Black Pants

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm a HUGE advocate of the color black (or the absence of color, I get it.)  A black pant is a perfect weekday essential because it matches so much.  Not that I'd recommend it but some people can even match navy and black.  Make sure the pants are tailored to your body and make sure they fit just right!

(Prada Gabardine Black Flared Trousers available @ Bluefly.com,$316) 

4. The Perfect Cardigan

While I have several cardigans in several different colors, my absolute favorite cardigan is a mustard yellow one that I got for under $30 from NY & Co. over 3 years ago.  I wear this cardigan almost once a week (gasp!) with pants, skirts, dresses, jeans, belted and unbelted through fall, winter, spring and summer.  Since they no longer sell my beloved mustard cardigan, I choose this one since it's gray and cashmere - 2 things I love! (Plus I'm pretty sure this would become my favorite if it were in my closet.)

(Autumn Cashmere Ron Herman Cashmere Baby Cardigan Sweater available @ Ronherman.com, $276)

5. A Simple Black Pencil Skirt

These can be found in almost any price range.  Make sure to look for one that's a cotton polyester blend - it will be more flattering and they tend to appear classier and more structured.  Try to stay away from 100% knit or 100% cotton skirts.  They can appear too clingy and sexy - definitely not a good a look if you're trying to appear professional!


(Ingenuity Pencil Skirt available @ Nordstrom, $86)

6. A Great Belt

While I prefer a simple skinny belt since it can be worn around your waist or around your hips, it's okay to invest in a great mid size belt too - just remember the thicker they are, the harder they are to wear any place but your waist!  My favorite belt is one with a little texture.  Something as simple as a snakeskin print adds style and pizazz (yes, I said pizazz)to even the most simple of outfits.

(Bruno Magli Belt available @ Yoox.com, $109)

Worn together or separately, these pieces are perfect staples to invest in - so classic they are guaranteed to never go out of style.  Spending a little more to insure a quality item (98% of the time) means you can spend less on the trendier ones and still look up-to-date yet polished when you mix and match. 

What would you consider to be your favorite weekday wardrobe must-haves?


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