Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Push It To The Limit

So I'm not usually one for spending money on gym clothes but given a recent (possibly rather rash and not well thought out) commitment to participate in a charity lacrosse game, I'm feeling inspired to vamp up my workout wardrobe. 

While I work out regularly, It's been over TEN YEARS since I've picked up my trusty stick and played an actual game.

Since I'll be playing in less than 3 weeks, it's time to hit the gym harder than ever.  (Frankly, I am a little frightened about embarrassing myself.)

But if all else fails, at least I will look cute playing.  Here are some of my favorite workout essentials:

A Great Jacket goes a long way. Perfect for those chilly days and for keeping your muscles warm after an intense workout.

(Women’s Vital Jacket available @, $78.00)

A Loose-Fitting Tank. No one wants to be pulling their shirt down during a run. 
(Performance Sports Tank available @, $13.80)

Well-Fitting Capris or Leggings.  No one wants to be pulling their shorts down during a workout either.

(Nike Tech Running Capri 10 available @, $55.00)

Comfortable Running Shoes.  Even if you're not comfortable running these shoes will keep your feet happy no matter what.

(New Balance Women’s WT572 Trail Running Shoe available @, $59.95)

A Durable Water Bottle. Drop it. Throw it. Just don't lose it.  Water bottles make the perfect yet practical gym accessory.
(Gaiam DAMASK 750 Aluminum Water Bottle With Screw Top available @ Everythingyoga, $11.99)

Now I don't know about you but looking cute at the gym makes working out SO much easier!



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