Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mid-day Cravings

Sadly, by the middle of the day my focus and ability to concentrate is shot and my mind begins to wander.  It begins with thoughts like, “What am I going to make for dinner tonight?  What am I wearing to Stu's party this weekend?  I wish heels were appropriate for all occasions..” and usually ends up with me googling something fashion or design related, most of the time shoes.  (A great pair of shoes is my biggest weakness, I always find myself craving yet ANOTHER pair of shoes, i.e. see below; but lately I’ve been trying to even out my closet with some great clothes to wear as well.) I digress. 

I find myself making lists of all my “mid-day cravings.”  I have numerous web sites booked marked and memos on my phone titled “Clothes for Fall 2010.” (As well as “Clothes for Spring 2010," "Winter 2009," Wines to Try," "Halloween Costumes,"etc.  You get the idea.)

Sadly, in part to a thing named “bills,” my lists and book marked web sites have grown out of control, making it almost impossible to buy everything I save.

I figured today I would share some of my favorite things that I am craving right now.


(ASOS Tie Neck Military Blouse available @, $48.27)

 (Jeffrey Campbell Ninety-nine Black Suede available @, $106.00)

(Chloe Cat-eye Acetate Sunglasses available @, $118)

(LNA Long Sleeve Collar Shirt in Cream Stripe available @, $154)

(Yves Saint Laurent Palais Platform Suede Pumps available @, $720)

(Feminine Knit Cardigan available @ Forever21, $29.80)

During this post I’ve added 5 book marks to “My Favorites” on the computer, printed out 3 recipes (still don’t know what I’m making for dinner,) and have taken a trip downtown to drop off some paper work, had JC Shoes respond to one of my tweets (I die,) left work, gone home, sleep ten hours, woke up and have started a new day.


What do you crave?  (Right now, I'm also craving a glass of wine...or two...or three...)



  1. omggg if you could only see every bookmark I have saved on my computer...!!! lol I better win the lotto very soon {maybe I should start by buying a ticket...!} ^^ xxx Melody

  2. haha maybe we should start going in on scratch offs together!!!