Monday, November 15, 2010

Latest Fix: Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

I admit it.  I’m addicted to shoes.  While I don’t yet see this as a problem, some people around me might beg to differ.  My love of shoes has evolved much like my taste in clothes, music and food.  When I was younger, it was mainly tennis shoes – I always had to have the newest pair of sneakers that Nike, Adidas and Reebok made.  Entire paychecks were blown on pair after pair.  I was careful not to walk through grass, mud or puddles and when it was unavoidable; I had methods for restoring their look. (Scrubbing Bubbles and a toothbrush works wonders.)

As I’ve grown older, so has my taste in shoes.  Gone are the days of spending tons of money on the latest sneaker.  Now heels, platforms, wedges and boots are my new drug of choice.  I carefully plot out my new buy; searching high and low for the perfect product – one that will keep me high for years, an investment. In my mind I’m just another collector, not an addict.  Some people collect stamps, I collect shoes.

I usually find myself at a loss for things to wear with all my perfect shoes.  (I’m trying to work on this but in the process of searching for actual outfits, I well, keep finding more shoes I love.)

Brands like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren have been staples in my shoe closet (yes, my shoes have their very own closet)for years and I’m always looking for other great designers to add to the collection.

I recent months I stumbled across a name I hadn’t heard in quite some time – Jeffrey Campbell.  While looking for my latest fix - a pair of black suede platform wedges - I came across a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s Ninteynines.  They were extremely similar to a pair of Dolce & Gabbana ones I had been eying but for half the cost.  I had to have them.  And so a new addiction began. 

(It doesn’t help that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are EXTREMELY comfortable as well as fashionable.  I.E. EXTREMELY addicting.  Don’t let some of the platforms full you.)

While Jeffrey Campbell shoes are quickly gaining notoriety for some of their sky-high platforms such as the Litas, Jeffrey Campbell also makes a ton of other great shoes, in all different heights.
Jeffrey Campbell offers a drug for every user.

Need, need, need, need, need.


(Jeffrey Campbell Rally in Taupe Suede available @, $152.00)


I HAVE to have it!


(Jeffrey Campbell Sweat Lace Up Booties with Knit Cuff available @, $162.00)

Need, need, need, need, need

(Jeffrey Campbell Two Time Lace-U Wedge in Taupe available @, $175)

I HAVE to have it!

(Jeffrey Campbell Cast in Tan Leather available @, $100)

 Need, need, need, need, need

(Jeffrey Campbell Emma Sandal available @ Nordstrom, $124.95)

I HAVE to have it!

Who needs rehab anyways?


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