Friday, December 17, 2010

My Favorite Outfits For Under $100

Dear Reader –

I know I’ve been slacking on my posts for a few days now, not posting nearly as frequently as you or I would like.  This is mainly in part to a rather hectic work schedule (the advertising world is full of demands and deadlines and it seems as if extra needy clients are my holiday gift this year...I must've been naughty.)  I’ll also blame all the online shopping I’ve been doing for other people this year – I ordered everyone’s gifts online.  While ordering online was a much better option than braving the craziness in the stores and malls, it probably consumes just as much time.  (I just didn’t have anyone elbowing me to get by or have anyone honking at me as I slowly drive around stalking parking spots.)

While I’d like to share all of the fabulous things I found for other people this year, there would be way too much to post.  I found great sales everywhere and was able to get everyone way more bang for my buck!

Instead, I’d like to get back to my roots and do one of my favorite post challenges – My Favorite Outfits for Under $100.  New Year’s Eve inspired of course.

Forty-five plus

(Paprika Sequin Sweetheart Prom Dress available @, $45.00)
Seventeen sixty plus
(Foxy Originals Inca Earrings available @, $17.60)
Seven eighty plus

(Pyramid Textured Wallet available @ Forever21, $7.80)
Four ninety-nine plus

(Women’s Opaque Black Tights available @, $4.99)
Twenty-two eighty equals

(Suedette Bow Pumps available @ Forever21, $22.80)

Total New Year’s Eve outfit cost: $98.19

Now it’s up to you to figure out where to celebrate!


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