Monday, August 15, 2011

Taupe Decisions

For those of you who know me (or read my blog) you’ll know that I’m kinda crazy with my shoes.  A few times of year I begin to itch for a new “investment” shoe – something expensive and something classic.  Something that my feet really appreciate.  Usually these shoes end up being black (like the majority of my wardrobe.)

This time around I’m looking to get an investment shoe in a different color, perhaps a classic nude.  I have been faced with many occasions where I think to myself, “Damnit if only I had a nude shoe to go with this!” so I think it’s about time I make the purchase.

However, summer is almost ending and I’m really not sure how much I’m going to wear a nude shoe over the winter.  I’m a classic black wearer (can’t get enough) and am craving a pair of coffee colored heels (YSL or some Atwoods please) as well as some pony hair leopard print ones and some bright blue ones.

So what’s a girl to do?  Buy one amazing expensive pair of nude heels that I’m sure will come in handy and look great for many occasions or buy cheaper trendier shoes that I might love for a night or two?

Blue Suedes (Suede Blues)

Okay so I know I’ve been talking about getting some blue suede shoes for a while now and have even posted links to some super pricey ones but I was walking through the mall the other day and gleaming at me from the window display of Payless, yes I said Payless, were these ADORABLE, super high, blue suede heels and with a price of under $30.00 I don’t think I can resist!!

(Brash Komet Platform Pump available @ or Payless, $29.99)

Coffee Cravings

So I found these Brian Atwood’s at Sak’s and they are SO cheap (for Brian Atwood’s) I don’t know if I can resist buying these either (see why I am having issues people?!) They are the PERFECT color of brown for fall and they are selling quick!  Decisions, decisions.

(Brian Atwood Power Suede Platform Pumps available @, $229.99)

Leopard Lust

There are so many cute leopard print heels out there; it is hard to just choose one.  You can go with these or these or these! Which now that I’ve come across, don’t know if I can resist either…

(Tory Burch Jude Leopard-print Calf Hair Pumps available @ NET-A-PORTER.COM, $325.00)

Nagging Nude

And then something inside me say just buy nude heels, you’ll be glad you did later. (Besides, this is a BEAUTIFUL shoe.)
(Brian Atwood Maniac Leather Pumps available @, $575.00)

Or should I just start playing scratch offs and plan on buying them all?


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